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The Keith Williams
Official Wallpapering Procedure


Some people believe that wallpaper will cover anything; that it's a great way to hide all sins. You can tell who they are: They're the ones with the uneven and peeling wallpaper.

At Keith Williams Painting and Wallpapering, we know that preparation is just as important for wallpaper as it is for paint. And we never skimp when it comes to preparation, no matter what the final finish will be.

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This is a general outline; your actual procedure may differ slightly depending on the situation or conditions.


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Wallpaper Removal Procedure

  1. We apply plastic or drop cloths to protect all floors and surrounding areas.

  1. We remove the wallpaper with a wet removal process, using pump sprayers with water and wallpaper removal chemicals that reactivate the glue.

  1. After removing the wallpaper, we wash all walls thoroughly to remove any remaining glue and residue.

  1. We full or spot prime the walls - depending on the severity of the project - using an oil-based stain sealer.

  1. We repair wall and ceiling surface imperfections (nail pops, holes, cracks, etc.) with one or two coats of spackling, depending on severity. For severe stress cracks, we apply fiberglass mesh-tape and feather spackle. Cracked corner beads are drywall taped and spackled; metal corner beads are re-screwed and spackled. We then pole sand the entire surface area to smooth out the spackling and remove any bumps.

  1. We apply paint or wallpaper as per the specific job requirements.


Wallpaper Installation Procedure


Because of the many different types of wallpaper available, we prefer to send you to a nearby wallpaper supplier to choose your design and purchase your wallpaper yourself. We'll help you determine the quantity necessary, and we'll take care of any sizing, primers and adhesives to apply your wallpaper.

This is a general outline; your actual procedure may differ slightly depending on the situation or conditions.

  1. We begin by sizing the walls with an oil-based sizing, unless otherwise directed by the wallpaper manufacturer. The sizing must dry for at least one full day prior to installing the wallpaper.

  1. We complete all painting (woodwork or ceilings) before beginning to hang the wallpaper.

  1. We apply the wallpaper you supply, using an extra strength adhesive/activator. This isn't a required step when installing wallpaper, but we find it provides better adhesion to the wall surfaces.

  1. We can install borders at least one full day after the walls have been papered or painted. This is to make sure the walls have dried properly before hanging the borders.

  1. We install wallpaper borders using an extra strength vinyl-over-vinyl adhesive when applied over wallpaper. This is necessary when installing a border over wallpaper to ensure better adhesion to the surfaces.

  1. Leftover paper is always left for you to return or use.


Gallery of Wallpaper Sample Photos


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