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The Keith Williams
Official Exterior Painting Procedure


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A lot more goes into a paint job than just opening a can and slapping paint on the wall. In fact, a great paint job is all about preparation; the actual painting is generally the simple part.

Here's a basic outline of the steps we take to make sure that your paint job is one we can both be proud of.

This is a general outline; your actual procedure may differ slightly depending on the situation or conditions.

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  1. We begin by power washing of all the surfaces to be painted a few days before the prep work begins, to give the surfaces time to dry completely. This removes any dirt, mildew, algae, and so on from the surfaces. We use a water/bleach solution that's mild enough to prevent hurting your shrubs, plants or trees, but strong enough to kill any mold or mildew. For small areas, we hand wash the surfaces.

  1. We cover all adjacent areas with drop cloths or plastic.

  1. We scrape and sand all wood surfaces being painted.

  1. We prime any bare wood with an oil-based, exterior primer. Any gaps, cracks, etc., are caulked.

  1. We scrape and sand window sashes, and remove any loose glazing. We re-glaze sashes and reopen drain holes for storm windows as needed.

  1. If we identify any wood rot that wasn't apparent during the initial inspection, we'll show it to you and get your approval on a change order before performing any additional repairs. We do minor wood rot repair with wood hardeners and epoxies. Minor repairs we'll do ourselves; for major repairs, we may recommend bringing in a carpenter.

  1. Additional surface preparation:

  • Exterior Stucco: We wire brush any loose paint.

  • Exterior Aluminum: We don't sand unless the surface was previously painted. If needed, we add Emulsa Bond to the finish coat; this aids in adhesion to chalky surfaces.

  • Exterior Asbestos: We don't sand. The pressure washing process usually removes any loose paint.

  • Exterior Clapboard Siding: We scrape any loose paint, sand all the boards, etc.

  1. Upon completion of the project, we clean the property; we make sure no scrapings or debris is left lying around the grounds.

  1. All surplus materials will be sealed or packed up and given to you for future maintenance. We mark each container with the date, color, type of paint, and surface location for your reference.


Gallery of Exterior Sample Photos


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