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The Keith Williams
Official Power Washing Procedure


Many people consider paint when a surface loses its luster. The real issue may simply be deep-seated dirt or grime that's obscuring the true beauty of your home.

At Keith Williams Painting and Wallpapering, we can help with that. We offer high pressure power washing services to strip away that dirt, grime, mold, algae and mildew, and bring out the natural beauty of your home, siding or decking.

Cleaning is such a worthwhile and important procedure, we even include it as a preliminary step in our exterior paint procedure. Click the link for more details.

That's because a clean surface is critical for ensuring the adhesion of paints. It's also helpfully in maintaining the lasting finishing of a painted home. Mold and mildew will break down the paints if they aren't removed.

When power washing, we use a water/bleach solution that's mild enough to protect your shrubs, plants, trees, etc., but strong enough to kill any mold that may be present.

So before you assume your only choice is painting, give Keith Williams Painting a call; we'll be happy to look over your house, and see whether you really need a paint job or if a good cleaning will bring the luster back to your home.

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