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Faux Finishes:
More than Just a Plain Paint Job


Paint doesn't have to be about a simple, flat finish. Sometimes it can fool you into thinking it's more, like tile, brick, stone, natural wood, stucco, or other exotic surfaces.

At Keith Williams Painting and Wallpapering, we do a variety of decorative finishes, including:

  • Sponge and Rag Painting

  • Strie

  • Colorwash

  • Stipples

...and much, much more.

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Most of the faux/decorative finishes are custom designed to fulfill your personal desires and are limited only by your imagination.

We carry a small selection of samples to give you a feel for what's possible. From there, we'll work with you to create the look you want.


We'll usually design a faux based on the colors you ask for. We make sheetrock sample boards with a mixture of different finishes, and let you pick the design that meets your own exacting standards.

But whatever you're looking for in a faux finish, you can count on one thing: If it's possible, Keith Williams can do it for you!


Gallery of Faux Finish Sample Photos


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